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Center focusing on the role of non-profit and public institutions in the world’s increasingly collaborative economy. Whether students seek to consult with social sector organizations, found a social enterprise, become effective philanthropists, lead through board governance, or pursue a career in the sector, the Center provides the leadership education to help them succeed.

  • Timeline: Many: Year-round
    Location: UC Berkeley
    Eligibility: Students (UC Berkeley)


    Ideal for high net worth individuals and families, leverages the world-class educational assets of UC Berkeley, and other leading institutions and organizations to guide members in their journey to have social impact through philanthropy and impact investing. Every spring, a small cohort of 10-15 gather at Miramar Farms in Half Moon Bay, California for our transformative Discovery Weekend to discuss and learn with our faculty and each other, the values and tools you want to bring to your work as a change agent, followed by six weeks of a custom-built online course that guides you to distill the learnings of the weekend and create a plan anchored by the intersection of your core values and evidence about how to best solve the problems you care most about.

  • Timeline: 1: Spring
    Location: US
    Eligibility: Any