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Currently available to over 500,000 students. The program is designed to help drive economic development in communities around partner universities increasing the likelihood that students remain and develop their ideas with the region and prepare students to enter the modern workforce with a flexible, entrepreneurial mindset. Offers free mentorship for companies or individuals at any stage in the industry, connections to team mebers, jobs, and knowledge across the world, resources and exclusive deals for software and online courses, and specialized applications and tools.

  • Timeline: Many: Year-round
    Location: US
    Eligibility: Students


    Stack Social  Training and Support

    Online Store and free/paid resources including Apps, Gadgets, Creative Resources, Software, and Video Tutorials to help Apple fanatics, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, gamers, and early adopters. Offers courses for programming and bundled deals for software and learning materials.

  • Location: Any
    Eligibility: Any