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Selected social entrepreneurs mentoring, recogniztion and free tickets to the annual Social Captial Markets conference in San Francisco, which brings together entrepreneurs and funders.

  • Timeline: 1: Summer
    Location: Any (Conference in San Francisco)
    Eligibility: Any


    Kairos 50 (K50)  Training and Support

    Entrepreneurs around the world under 25 apply to become members of the Kairos 50, and 50 finalists are selected to attend the Kairos Global Summit in California, receive business development services, exclusive international opportunities, and visibility to media and investors, and a chance to earn up to $50k in prize money from potential inevestors at the Summit. The Kairos 50 companies represent the next generation of entrepreneurs making breakthroughs in the areas of biotech, education, agriculture, mobile, cleantech, healthcare, and more.

  • Timeline: 1: Summer
    Location: US (California)
    Eligibility: Any (Under 25)


    A startup internship and training program for graduate students in business, engineering and information interested in entrepreneurship and technology.

  • Timeline: 1:Fall
    Location: UC Berkeley
    Eligibility: Students (Graduate)